Monday, November 9, 2009

Lunch @ New york New York with family

Photos from yesterday...

We went eat New York New York @ Jurong Point. Probably it's an early celebration for my Mama's birthday. Hehe. Maybe also it's a way to use the birthday voucher and the voucher to redeem the free potatoes wedges. =D

They have a new menu. It used to be green.

My sis and her hubby. Smiling happily.

My parent! Can you see that my Papa is trying to be funny?

Papa & me! =) I love my tees! Wahaha!

The free potato wedges! Yum! This is my sis favorite

The appetizer.

The seafood platter. Love the sashimi! Haha. I like the calamari too! The prawn was rather tasteless.

The meat platter! I like the wedges!

Father's latte. (Mama though latte = tea. LOL!)

My ice mocha!

LOOOOOOK! This plastic thingy is found in my drinks -____- A big boo boo!

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