Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Trip with Grassy - Day 2

Day 2 journey continues. Yee haa!~ Free breakfast from the hotel every morning. Haha. Well, the variety is not so great but nonetheless the food are ok =)

My breakfast =)

On our way to KL Pavilion, Lot 10, BB plaza, Sungei Wang & Berjaya Times squares for more shopping!

Their telephone booth.

The KL tower

Grand Millennium. The building shape looks awesome.

The dirty street. Hmmmm

Yay! We reached KL pavilion by foot! Nothing much there, it's more of those high end shopping place.

Lot 10!

Nice escalator color @ Lot 10. Haha.

Lalala! We walked to U cafe to have our lunch =)

My honey lemon and grassy's watermelon juice.

My mee tai bak ^_^

Grassy's beef kway tiao.

Berjaya Times square. There are like 10 levels and every level there are many manyyyyyyyyyy shops. Grassy & I don't know took how many hours to finish walking those levels of shops. Haha.

The indoor theme park in Berjaya Times Square.

Krispy Kreme doughnust!

My NY cheese cake!

After much shopping and eating, we continue our journey to the central market.

I believe these buildings are built during the very old days whereby the British are in charge.

The central market.

The stalls inside. Hm... Nothing much for me and Grassy to buy so we walked to Chinatown for makan.

My orange juice and Grassy's watermelon juices (AGAIN!!!)


Black pepper beef.

The noodles.

My craves for Hotplate tofu! But it didn't turn out to be as good as I think. So sorry to grassy, we didn't get to eat the satay because we ate too much =/

Perhaps we kanna chop carrot =/ RM60.60 is expensive lor! Should have went Jalan Alor to eat but well we only realized Jalan Alor damn near our hotel on day 2. Lol.

My loot of the day! YAY! The sunglasses are for my friend =) I love the colourful bag! It cos me only RM19.90 or 29.90. Lol. I can't remember.

Penguin tshirt for my sister =)

My slipper @ Rm10 @ colourful earrings @ 3 for Rm10. Cheap cheap!

My 4 tops! I love the light pink dress the most. All below RM30. Cheap cheap!!!

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haha, chop carrot also never mind at least u enjoy it! Nanged you for good post! Nang this to see the RM15,000++ web address! Tq!

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