Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is recession to my company?

I am currently paid to go to work on Saturday to play facebook, listen to mp3 and idling around the world wide web. I just come for the sake of coming... No no.. I just come because my boss told me so.

Sometimes I wonder if I should spent this precious time at home studying for my exam or come here because my stupid boss asked me to come and said that he wanna discuss stuff with me (end up he didn't even do so). Thanks so much for the free money!

Actually, I'm quite freaking pissed off with my boss. He is unorganised person and simply heck care on certain things. I wonder if he know what he wants me to do. Oh wait! Does he even know what he is talking about? It's kinda complicated to type them down in proper words.

Well, from now on, I can't care less about this job. I will just do my work and continue to use my colleague's login ID and email.

Anyway, last night Ben, LK, Dear and me went Chinatown to celebrate Tim's bday! Photos will be up tomorrow as I'm at my workplace. DUH! Well, I long already felt that XY & Alvin are no longer part of us. So it doesn't really matter even if they are not here. I don'['t really feel a pinch. Haha.

Oh well well.. what's my plan after work for today... Hmm.. Feel like going Vivo to vuy the 2 polo tees. Hehe.

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