Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forever 21 =)

Pictures speaks a thousand words. Thanks to those who came for the chalet! =) Especially to LK, who came early to help out. Hehe. Probably the most wasted thing was that dear didn't come due to some undisclosed reason. Oh well, at least he did spent his time with me on my actual day.

Thanks to my sis. She really choose the cutest 21st birthday cake that I have ever seen.

My dearest family! What a waste that we didnt clear the table. It's so messy lor!

The U-Orh-Bi gang! Tofu stood in the middle, looks as if it's her 21st. LOL.

My monz! Too bad that my grassy can't make it so have to get SPY's boyfriend to take over the slot. Haha.

My "godfather" & his gf.

All thanks to stupid Vinny who started this "smashing" game.

Thanks everything for the present!

My favourite pooh!

A meaning gift.

It's my pooh again!

Musical box!!! This is what I always wanted. Hehe ^_^

Probably the smallest gift =P

Will I ever get to wear it ? O_o

Weee PINK MP3!

Xing ding dang!

This present came as a surprise. I'm so damn paiseh, Ricky came with a flower on his hand. Haha.

This card is drew by Jiaqun. She really got some drawing talent.

This hairpin was chosen by Joey if I'm not wrong.

Another jewellery box. This present came as a surprise too. I never thought that Kenneth will ever get me a present.

The key to my heart? Hehe.

Mini birthday celebration with my department. So happen that Gerald our AVP, his birthday is 2 days after me.

1 more snapshot to wrap up the day =D

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