Saturday, February 14, 2009

Diary of Kristin, to Kristin

2nd February 2009

Sitting here, infront of my work computer… Hi, Kristin, how are you? Lol. Nah I’m ain't going crazy. I am just too plain bored. Currently the time is 4:48pm, hoping that someone will gimme some tasks to do. Sadly, there’s none.

When a person is bored, all the imagination & thinking will comes… I start to think what will happen on my birthday? My that friend didn’t even reply my message. Probably, she is still pondering about if she should go. Well, anyway, it’s ok; I will still celebrate it happily. I wonder what presents my friends & him will get for me. Lol. I thinking of what to do on Valentine’s Day. I already got a plan but well, I shall see when the dates are nearer. Hmmm… I kept thinking about that day, the day he sent me back home. The look on his face, his concern and everything. Haha. I can’t help it but to think about it over and over again. I was supposed to go on my own when he dropped me at TJ mrt but well... haha. =)

3rd February 2009

Hello Kristin! Last night my deary went nuts. Hmmm

What’s there in life for you to envy people about? Why one have to envy another about the looks, wealth, fortune, wits and so on. I believe everyone got their good and bad points.

Alvin may looks good on the outside but how well do we know him? Who knows his room is messy and he digs his nose? LOL. WE NEVER KNOW RIGHT? AHAHAHAHHAH.

Well, he ain’t that bad too. I think I don’t have to list them down right. Haha.

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