Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something new is happening!

Stuff that I'm gonna do when I lose my job @ UOB

1) Design a new layout for my blog! Probably, a sweeter version! Once I leave UOB, I guess I don't need multiply to blog anymore! Woohoo! I might probably move some of the entries over here. I kept thinking about my old blog because there are some of the few memorable stuffs over there. I keep thinking if I should merge the blog back or just move some of the entries over or just leave it as it is. Perhaps, I will design in a way whereby there's a slides that shows my favourite pictures! Haha!

2) Go and book for basic test for driving license -.-

3) Look for new job after my exams! My sweety keep telling about "Working from home". He is really scared that I run away wor.

Well, at the moment I still have problem with my projects. Argh! May it be over soon!

I gotta sleep now. Good nite!

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