Thursday, September 4, 2008

RIP Carol

Hmmm... Last night I received a sms from SPICY. At that point of time, I then learned that Carol has passed away. I don't know what happen to her but it is real sad news. *sigh*

During secondary school days, she is always so cheerful and helpful, other than that she is also always very hardworking and is an intelligent person. Even though she is from China but she blend in with us very well.

I remembered that time she was verbally bullied by that bitch called, Serene Lee. Carol was clearly upset by that bitch's comment and she sat there sobbing quietly. I was seated next to her, I saw and heard what the bitch commented about her artwork, I really wish to give the bitch a tight slap. So out of a good will, I actually helped Carol to nail the pin for her photo frame and comfort her by telling her not to be bothered by what others said. *sigh*

I hope that she can rest in peace. She shall be remembered as the sunshine girl. Hai. Someone up there is so unfair.

Anyway, I remembered that time was really funny; I was the only one that brings a hammer and hanging clips to the class. So everyone was like lining up and wait for me to help them to nail it. Hmm... When I get home I will post the photo of my photo frame that I made that time.

Alright, I shall go back to work... If you have not realized, this entry is being type when I'm at work.

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