Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hong Kong Trip 2008

Day 1
#day one - Flying off from Singapore.
#day one - Reach Hong Kong
#day one - Went to eat our lunch at Yong Hua Yun Tun Mien Jia.
#day one - Have our desert @ 許留山.
#day one - Went to eat at Yong Hua Yun Tun Mien Jia.
#day one - Take a train down to Causeway Bay for shopping.
#day one - Went Mong Kok for more shopping.
#day one - Dinner @ Roadside Che Zai Mien.
#day one - Went Avenue of Stars + HK Clock Tower
#day one - Met Sai & co @ Circle tower for a drink.


7:10am flight to Hong Kong!

Getting our luggage over here.

The place where our hotel is.

Haha. The moment I switched on the TV, it was some PPV porn stuff.

Yong Hua Yun Tun Mien Jia: My friend recommended us to go this place for lunch.

Food Rating: 2/5
Comments: It's expensive! One SMALL BOWL cost like SGD5.5!!! Can't even fill 1/4 of my tummy!

After that we went to the famous 許留山 for dessert.

Food Rating: 4/5
Comments: By looking at the pictures, I think it already tell you it's YUMMY-LICIOUS! But it's quite expensive too. 1 dessert cost around SGD6+.

We went Nu Ren street & Fa Yuen Street.

The sotong over there is really huge!

It was drizzling that day.

We stop over at this place. I am not sure if this is dinner or supper. Lol.

Food Rating: ?/5
Comments: I didn't eat it as its all those pigs intestine, which I dislike. This bowl was eaten by my friend. Haha.

We were @ Avenue of star!

Random star's handprint.

What's in there?

I'm also a star! Haha!

The goodies for day 1.

Day 2
#day two - Breakfast @ Chu Xiao Fan
#day two - Take train to Central to take a Ferry to Macau
#day two - Went to see the statue of Kaun Ying
#day two - More see see look look at other Casinos
#day two - Went to eat Portuguese tarts @ Margaret's cafe.
#day two - Went to see Money Tree + Water show @ some casino
#day two - Went to see Macau Tower
#day two - Went to eat Ju Pa Bao @ Yi Shun Nu Nan Gong Shi
#day two - Went to see Largo do Senado + Santa Casa da Misericodia + St. Dominic's Church + Ruins of St Paul's
#day two - Bought some Tu Chan over there.
#day two - Took ferry back to Hong Kong.
#day two - Have our dinner @ Macau restaurant.


Chu Xiao Fan: SGD4 for 1 set of breakfast. Looks expensive but the quantity is alot!

2 eggs.... Too much cholesterol. Lol.

Food Rating: 3.5/5
Comments: Normal lor but it's definitely very filling.

When we reached Macau, we took this van to tour around Macau. It was a service offered by some tour guide. We got 6 person and we only paid like SGD10 for each person.

Guang Ying

Macau Tower

Margaret's Cafe: Our next stop for supper.

Portugees tarts!

Look at me! You know the tarts was delicious!

Pure orange juice.

Food Rating: 5/5
Comments: Need me to say more? It's awesome! I can't remember how much is it but I know it's such a waste that I can't ta bao back home. Haha.

Our next stop was to watch some money tree & water fall performances.

Look at the menu... If you don't buy anything and just wish to sit there, you gotta pay them HKD5. Lol.

Food Rating: 4/5
Comments: We are scare of milk products so we didn't buy the famous milk desert. 1 Ju Pa Bao cost around SGD2.50. The pork was really yum yum but I didn't like the bread. It was quite hard to bite.

Very old fashion way to do the "Gao lak".

The famous ruins of St Paul.

Ba kau! They have boar meat eh.

Macau restaurant: Taking a break for dinner.

Look! The sotong looks for different from Singapore. Haha. *sua ku spotted*

All the bean sprouts's head and tail were nicely plucked out unlike in Singapore.

Goodies for the day!!

Day 3
#day three - Morning dim sum @ Fu Jin Jiu Jia
#day three - Went shopping @ City gate.
#day three - Went Lantau Island.
#day three - Dinner @ Ning Ji Mala Steamboat @ Causeway bay.


Look luxury isn't it? Lol. So many aunties and uncles there.

The menu.

Posting some random yummy dim sum!

Some char siew thingy.


The porridge is really nice!!!

Some yummy dim sum.

Siew mai!!

Food Rating: 5/5
Comments: Don't see the photos like as if it is some grand restaurant. The dim sum is marvelous and it is super duper cheap!!! We ordered lotsa food (more than what was shown in the pictures) and it only cost like SGD10+ per person!!! We really ate like mad!!

This place sells lotsa branded stuff at like 50% discounted price as those are usually last season stuffs.

On our way to Lantau Island

Just look at the picture! That day was so damn windy, everyone was like so damn scare. Lol.

Ning Ji Ma La Hou Guo: Cold weather so we decided to drop by here to makan.

Don't this looks like something? *ahem*

Hehe. The sotong looks so cute to me.

Food Rating: 1/5
Comments: Super normal and lacking of variety of food. Expensive and the waiter very dao. Oh, there's also a 2 hour limit for you to eat your stuff -_-

Goodies of the day from City Gate!

Haha. The CK confirm was not mine!

Day 4
#day four - Breakfast @ Tang Dao Coffee house
#day four - Ocean Park! Go!Go!Go!
#day four - Night time went The Peak + 蠟像舘
#day four - Went Lan Kuai Fang.
#day four - Desert @ 許留山.


Breakfast @ .... Go read the chinese word on your own because I don't know how to read that word. Lol.

Portuguese tarts. Not too bad.

The coffee that makes everyone visited the toilet for 1 round.

Double eggs again! -_-

Food Rating: 1/5
Comments: The soup base was super salty.... -_- And please don't remind me of the deadly coffee.

Ocean Park! GOGOGO!

The tickets!

This is so cute lor! But I can't win it! >_<

The seal.

Hehe. He is so cute when he was munching his food away.

Dolphin's show

Time for a break.

Guess where I am!

Aaron Kwok.

Me running for US election! Hoho!

Albert Einstein.

Haha. My friend...

Saturday night fever!

The peak!

We went to eat dessert from 許留山 again! Lol.

They 2 too bo liao and those this was some neoprint thingy. Don't you think they 2 are like??? Lol.

Goodies from Ocean park! Got 1 keychain for Jioa Jiao and 1 panda badge for HT.

Day 5
#day five - Breakfast @ XiXi restaurant
#day five - Here we go! Disneyland!!
#day five - Last minute shopping @ Miao Jie + Argyle Centre + Nu Ren jie


Rating: 4/5
Comments: Unhealthy breakfast but its yummy!

Here we go to Disney land!!

Bye bye!

Some last minute loot.

Ice creammm!!

Day 6
#day six - Breakfast @ New Hennessy Char Chan Ting
#day six - Boo hoo! Fly back to Singspore. Goodbye Hong Kong.


wao kao... The meat so small only.

Good bye Hong kong! Hello Singapore =)


Chew said...

Hi! i'll be going to HK soon. May I know where is the location of "Fu Jin Jiu Jia", "Xi Xi Restaurant" and "Tang Dao Coffee House"? =) Many Thanks!

Kristin said...

All the 3 place u mention is all @ Wan chai. They are near Wanchai metropark hotel.

To be more exact, Hay hay is @ Lockhart Road. ( The rest I can't remember the exact road name.

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