Monday, September 1, 2008

First day of work in a bank

Nothing much @ work today because the system is not even out yet. Duh! I gotta wait till maybe Wed or Thurs before there will be an actual work.

Anyway, take a look at this.

1 of the lady working there passed me these stationery and I felt that she is a little dumb. Do you know why? Please STARE HARD AT THE PICTURE!

The reason is.... Why the hell would someone gimme a pencil that is not sharpen and no sharpener is given. -__-

Anyway, 2 poly girls are working at the same place as me. Girl A (I forget her name. LOL.) is very friendly and I am able to chat with her. Her friend SUX big time and simply no manners. Lunch time kinda suck too because Girl A's friend is meeting up with 3 other of her friend as they all are working nearby. So basically I am like eating with a group of kiddos. Erm... and they are like 19 or 20 years old but they are behaving like 16 years old. I shall not elaborate further about how %@$% Girl A's friend's friends are.

That is the problem with taking up a temp. job during this period...but I don't even know poly student are having their break! I only know grassy is having holidays!!

After work, I waved bye to the Girl A and I was KIND enough to say bye to her friend, who is sitting at the further back of the office. She looked at me and was hesitated to say or wave goodbye so I just looked away immediately after that. Perhaps she is not rude but she is just ignorant. Well, I can't blame these kids as I have been working in the society since I was 18 years old. T.T I know what manners is and how to change different mask when facing some shitty people. LOL.

To Grassy: Enjoy your holidays! Remember to bring some stuff back for me!! I don't mind some Bali's sand again. HAHA.

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