Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm going to work on next Monday!

Geez. I am going back to work on Monday! I got a job offered by Recruit Express to work @ UOB as a temp bank assistant. Thank god that it's not those FILING JOB. HAHA. It's something like assisting in UAT testing of the system and I have to record them down. If there is any discrepancies, I will have to let the officer in charge know. Hm.. Sounds pretty easy and wait... sounds like what those engineers did when I was in CSA. DUH! I shall see how easy is that on Monday. Hopefully, from this job I will get to learn something new.

However, come to think about it, this job somehow doesn't relates to anything that I want to do in the future T_T Nothing like HR assistant, admin, sales coordinator or customer service line. Boo hoo! Argh, maybe I should have decline this and go for the interview @ NTU on Monday as a Admin assistant. The job scope sounds more fun. Well, to late to regret about anything now. Nonetheless, I shall fulfill the 3 months and after that I shall look for something related again.

A moment ago, I am thinking very hard on a which famous leader that I wanna do for my Organization behavior modules. Then I came cross this website and I took this Leader Personality Test. I told myself that I will do on the person that base on my result and guess what.....

I AM HITLER!! #$%#$^ WTH. I can't do the article on him la! Alright, maybe I will get Uncle Lau to email the lecturer and ask. *evil laughter* Hmmmm... I will have to agree with the last sentence. Haha.

Anyway, I read this article on the Straits Time Online. Quoating from the article:

"Number One Plus, a water-based lubricant produced by health organisation Population Services International (PSI), is an excellent cure for acne, 29-year-old vendor Tep Kemyoeurn told AFP."

"After I used it for three days, all of my acne dried up and went away,' she said. 'Many people believe in it,' she added."

Do you believe? I strongly suggest that all ladies should buy more condom lubricant and stock it up at home. Lol.

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