Friday, August 29, 2008

DEFINE: Envious

Envious, a common word that appear in my mind frequently but often not spoken. Few days ago, I happen to drop by someone's blog because some guy in HWZ forum decided to expose her. Haha. Then, so happen that this girl studied in the same secondary school as me. OK, this is not what I wanna touch on.

Then I'm too free and so I went on to read her entries randomly. I actually quite envious of her. Why? She is pretty (even without makeup), her smile is all that natural. She is smart, sporty and blah blah but she got a ugly boyfriend. Lol.

Alright, actually I am not that bad larr! I look average with make-up and I look superrrr prettteeeh with make-up on! LOL. Okay, I'm kidding. Personally, I feel that when a person is feeling happy, joyous and enjoying every single second of his or her life, that person is the most beautiful on earth even without the most expensive cosmetic on your face. The moment you being to grumble, complaints, whine and etc, yikes, you actually look very ugly.

So my point is, i'm actually a ugly person. I complaint wayyyyyyyy too much and constantly comparing things with others. I am never satisfied with tons of things although I always claim that "I am a simple person".

Btw, I am kinda discontented about something but I refuse to speak up because I know, even when I voice it out, nothing much will change or any action will be done. *sigh* I know I can't change someone but can that someone even try to do something? How do I get my message across to him permanently and NOT temporary? I am getting bored. I don't know if it is the effect of staying at home for too long or this already happen ever since last year?



That is so random but cute thou. Lol.

Gotta continue my entry on Grassy tomorrow! Ciao!

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