Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who's pad is this?

On Monday, someone put an unused packets of sanitary pad on my work desk. I was really pissed off. I still thought it is some biscuit. Damn the person! The person knew I was angry I guess, so that person didn't dare to keep the stuff when I was around. So the stuff was there for the whole day but it was gone when I came on Tuesday morning.

Here is the picture of it.

Anyway, I found out who is the mothafucker is. Lol. Oops for the used of word but whatever. It's the person beside me because she took out and passed it to her colleague, R when R came to look for her. I was like, wtf la! If it's your thing then can't she just keep it properly. So she wanna let me know her is having her menses is it?

Well, I have been very pissed off with the CAPEX issue at work and I don't wish to keep repeating. I admitted that it was my wrong for the first CAPEX order that I did. I made alot of mistakes but I have already modified the order asap and hoping to meet the deadline. Somehow, somewhere, some people out there are still delaying the process. I already told Carrot that it was ready for approval BEFORE 2 fucking PM but she only approved it at around 4pm. So who the fuck is at fault?

That Potatoe bettter don't fucking email me that you all got what fucking SLA to meet. I did give a damn once but why should I bother when others don't give a damn? Please go fuck your other teammates first. Anyway, Potatoe is so damn right about this statement. "We not no people who can give productive work, that is why we can't move forward".

Everything got no head no tail. Dammit. I already began to regret why the fuck did I stay here.

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