Thursday, August 30, 2007

When my weekend will come?

I'm early for work today because I took a cab!!! Haha. I didn't pack my bag last night as I was too lazy and tired. I went out of my house late and realized I forgot to take my handpones and my calculator for today's lesson! So I went back to take all these.

Then there was a traffic congestion after Lornie Road causing the slow traffic along PIE. I became giddy after taking the cab. I hate it when a car stop and go, stop and go. It always make me headache after that. *yawn*

I told myself that I'm not going to go reach my class early today. I don't want to get call up to go to the whiteboard to write my answers because I have not done any questions for chapter 5!!! I only did those in chapter 6. Haha. Sadly, after checking the answer at the back of the book, I didn't get the all 5 questions correct =/ I don't quite know where went wrong. I will have to wait till tonight to see the working. Argh Math!!! I pretty scare that I can't pass the exam so I constantly telling myself that I need to practice!!!

Well, it's actually so far so good for Math so far.. BUT as for chapter 5 (Simple interest & etc) I was kinda lost. Back in secondary school, I was super duper bad in these and now for this chapter, the teacher decided to teach like a MRT train. Boo hoo hoo! Though there is this guy who sat beside is very good in Math, I don't always get what he is talking about. Haha. I have come to this conclusion that I am bad in counting money. So you know, you know... Haha. DON'T CHEAT MY MONEY!!

Anyway, I saw Dexter, a guy from ex Primary school at Jurong Point. What's more shocking was, I saw him carrying a baby and his wife or maybe girlfriend was pushing the baby carriage. OMG. He should be only 19 years old this year... Oh what the world has become. There are more and more young parents and erm... pre-marital sex. HAHA.

Today is a cold day, I wish I'm at home playing game, sleeping or anything BUT WORKING! I want my weekend!!! Argh! I just noticed Jean put Shaun and me to go for PX2 training on 15th Sept 2007! ARGH! MY WEEKEND!!!

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