Thursday, September 6, 2007

Firepower everywhere

It's a J & J war over in my office. Sometimes I felt so sick of the younger J. She is too young and naive to be our boss. Well, no choice it's the ex big boss who decided this to had this stupid idea to appoint her. I can't say it's stupid. I think it's more of she is blinded by her act. *sigh* I can't wait for the young J to get headache and leave here! But when will that be? =/

I was planning to leave soon. It's a great place with great people but because of this sucky young J, who keep twisting and turning her words. I can don't care about all these nonsense between she and the older J but because of their current suitation is also giving me headache. Although I have already emailed out a short-term solution but it's ONLY for this month. I don't want to keep thinking of new solution for them every month just because I have to leave early for classes. *sigh*

I am not sure who will be doing the Sameday Order for next month. What if it's somebody who is not as cooperative as Jordan? Then what should I do? Tell them again then they will again argue with each other? This is suppose to be their problem because they do the planning. Now it has become my problem. How strange. Haha. Well well, what to do right?

For ikan bilis like me, I can only sit and wait. Voicing is already a tiring job for me to do because it don't works!!! Where is the logic of, "Er you er bao, san you san bao"? The bad people are having all the good fortune whereas the good people are having all the misfortune. This world has no logic la!

*wave white flag* I know I can't reach Aaron's target of 5000 words in my blog entry. Lol.

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