Monday, March 5, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

Yesterday was the last day of Chinese new year. It's time to re-cap. Well, SHORT recap.

Chinese New Year Eve

Mama and sis were busy preparing food. Papa was busy hanging those decoration while I tried to help a little. Haha.

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That's not all the food! I'm just forgot to take photos! Too bad I'm too hungry for food so I didn't take photo while we eating. It's steamboat cum BBQ =)~

1st day

As usual, we went to visit my mother's side relatives. Well, that aunty is still as stingy as ever. T

2nd day

We went to my father's friend, "one milk's" house. When you read his name in Chinese, it's really "one milk". I remember the 1st time I heard his name, I was rolling on the floor laughing. Haha.

My papa wanted me to take this photo... Not because of the flower but something else. *observe carefully*

3rd day

Rest at home and went to watch Just follow Law with my family.

Yawn! So sianz la! Right now I'm heading towards a new direction. Good luck to myself. I will continue tomorrow. HOPEfully...

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