Sunday, March 18, 2007

I got promoted....

...some sort. I'm gonna be promoted to be a secretary next month. The date is 4th April. 4/4... Time to die. Haha. My salary will only be revise 2 months later. I hope I get an increase of $100 - $200. Muahahahaha!

Also, the good news is, it's 5 working days, from 10-7pm and I can wear home clothes. Lol. No more uniform ;) However, I'm very sian that lunch time is 12pm, 1pm or 3pm. I either have to eat alone, takeaway or hopefully some kind soul eat the same time as me because my soon-to-be new department only have 3 souls (including me).

I really don't mind to get promoted to senior DSR this year and then kick Jovin's ass out of this place. Lol! She is such a idiot. She should take up some speech courses before becoming our new supervisor. Talking about what she said to us that day really make my blood boil. Damn her. I hope she will get retribution very soon. 'Acting' won't get you very far.

Well, to what I know from LT, some of them felt it is a pity to be transfer to other department when I have learn so much (so much than them!!!) in a short 5 months! I felt a little pity too. I'm the first 'no title staff' to learn bank charge after Eunice! I can't be more proud than that. *hao lian laughing*

Over in showcase, I already began to love SAP, love sending emails to question about the system and people... LOL. I remembered that time I said, "you must TRUST SAP" to Bessina, Clarence then excitedly added, "that's the right way to say it." It's darn funny la because everyone was scolding him because of the new system. I don't know why all them are complaining about the new system. The old system is no longer that good anymore. People just got to learn to adapt to new things.

I'm also very touched when Jean sms me this...:
"Is a good chance too... Learn new thing good for future... but I lost one left hand... :( so angry they nv inform me before hand. Mon go work I so very sian..."

I think it's also unfair for them not informing her. She is asst. supervisor after all! She was on 1 week leave doesn't mean they don't have to inform her. Anyway, it's really nice to work with people like her. She and Randy always so, "kan de qi wo", so I must be really happy and proud of myself right?! Hehe.

Guess it's time to move on to the greener pasture. Although I don't know how GREEN it will be, I know I don't have to work under that bitch anymore! She is so muchhhhhhhhhhh worse than Randy! That day, that bitch said, "don't throw my face when you go over there hor." I was like laughing and told her that I won't. Yea yea yea... All she care is her face. I can't wait to see her quit at the end of the year like what Ah Chai said.

Other than this... Life ain't really a bore. I'm just tired to blog. Many things that has happen has just slipped off my mind. If you ask me what I did last Saturday, I'd probably tell you about the things that I did 2 weeks ago. DUH!

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