Monday, July 24, 2006


"You don't understand me. You have misunderstood me. In reality, how much do we understand oneself?"

After all the packing and throwing, I found a card that my sister bought for me when I'm still in primary school. The quote is written as above. Isn't it meaningful?

While I was throwing many stuffs away, I saw a numbers of letters from...SPY. It was all the past but I just happen to read this..."You are so easily contented with everything. All I see is your happy and angry face. No troubles at all." Deep inside, I felt sad when I read this..Well, I mean LAST time when I read that line. Maybe last time, she was too young and naive to even really know the real me.

Yes, I am that contented with everything because I don't take things for granted. Even I am having the worst time of my life, I never ever like to show my sulky face when I go out with my friends. Why would I want to spoil all my friends' mood? Well, always spare a thoughts for the others. If you think you are in a bad mood and going to show your black face to your friends when you are out. I advised you to stay at home.

As what he has said... Thinking about the past will just make people sad. So...TALK CRAP IS THE BEST! =D

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