Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Almost famous?

I don't know since when I don't know how to organize my blog or I should say...Since when I can't put all my thoughts into words. Hmmmm... Anyway, 2 weeks have gone and I know I have not been blogging. I don't know if it's because I am lazy or is it because I can't be bother about what I'm doing everyday. One big question mark here.

Well, first of all WELCOME BACK OUR HAWKER AUNTY! I guess she had some fun in Sabah. Did I miss her at all? Hmmm... I can't answer this question. As you know I'm a heartless person. Lol. I never really think about anything after all. I only know that you will come back safe and sound. *ahem* I'm not cursing you or anything. Yay! Just glad that she's back~ I know she must have thinking about me when she is away. Haha. Come to think about it maybe it's not me. OK I shall ask myself to stop having such a thick skin.

Yay! My photo album is 90% complete! Each photo I pasted and each caption I wrote, there were lotsa flashback. I kinda miss the good old times. I love the times during my last year in primary school. I miss those boys. *sigh* Especially the monkey who sat infront of me. Haha. Next time I will have a preview of my album in the blog. Hahha.

Am I getting more and more skinny? My mum says I'm eating lesser these days. *sob* Hmmm... I don't know if I have any problem. I can't eat too full or else I will feel like throwing up. *ahem* I will like to clarify something, I'm not suffering from anorexic. ARGHHH. As you know, I lurrvvvee to eat. *sigh* If this persist, maybe I should go and see the doctor. ARGHH ~

Anyway, I almost become a police today. Haha. My sis saw a middle age woman was stealing something from the NTUC and she quickly informed me about it. So I went to follow the woman. I peeped into the IKEA's plastic bag she was carrying. To my horror, I saw things like meat, fish and etc stuff inside. Damn! I should have alerted the staffs there but what I did was jus keep following her until I lost the sight of her. Dammit. She walked away from NTUC scot-free. Maybe I will be famous if I have told the staffs. Muahahaha!

A little sign I saw @ 'bento box'

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