Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A night of misses

Milan 0 - 1 Barcelona
We played a great first half, and at the begging of the second half we were doing even better, but their goal came, and everyone they started to lost confidence. Milan did marked Ronaldinho pretty well, until the pass for the goal came. Damn but still kudos to Ronaldinho. No matter how they marked Ronaldinho, he just did a great assist and it's a goal for Barcelona.

It's disappointing to lose the game and it's more disappointing that we can't make attackin' changes to try & level things towards the end of the game. What will happen if Pippo play the game instead of Gilardino? Gila wasted a golden opportunity to score after Pirlo passed a long ball to him. I wish I could blame Gila for missing those chances but the problem is not solely on him. Pirlo has been in a really bad form. It was no wonder the was being sub-out during the half time.

A night of misses might just cost my dear Milan to miss a place in the final. It seem like it's going to be a mission impossible to win at camp nou but I have faith in them.

Oh no! My pennis is too small!
I heard this piece of news from Grassy.....

This Chinese guy is from a top school. He has a wonderful family and a loving girlfriend. However, he decided to end his life by jumping down from his flat. What a tragic you must be thinking. Do you know why does he did that??? It's because he felt that his private part is too small!!!!! He felt his life has become meaningless because of that and decided to kill his life. How dumb was that. I really pity his family.

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