Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Today... erm.. So tempted to type in Singlish. LOL.

JJ! Even if you really want to wait for my after school can you please don't stand so near the window? Ren yen ke wei. Understand? LOL.

Do you know, from the day I know you. I really dislike you and so that's why I keep scolding you and gave sarcastic remarks like nobody business. LOL. Well, uncle... I'm not that mean to you now right? LOL. See, I'm such a nice person.

On the other hand... James told me he and she are together!! Congrats Ah Pek!!!! LOL. Finally... I hope it's not an act of impulse. 24 years old already... Any mistake that you make might be... Haha. Come to think about it, you are one year younger than my Pirlo and yet I think Pirlo looks more younger than you. LOL.

After reading Grassy's blog...

If you have studied in different school and ended up in JC, you will regret more. LOL. The reason is... You will never meet someone like me! You will never meet someone who somehow matches your characteristics. LOL. Studies is not as important as friends. *ahem* So what if someone gets into the best school and not getting to know someone like me? LOL. Okok....I mean getting to know the monsters (ok, not just me) is better than anything else, yea? Getting a cute and funny friend like me (okok, I mean the monsters) is more worthy than knowing some nerdy people. LOL. So... It's definitely not a mistake, ya?

Studying Chinese in Singapore really sucks! So what if I always get the top 3 in my class for the 6 years? They didn't offer me to study higher Chinese!! LOL. Ok lame joke... Im only good in my Chinese and that's so sad.

I was sad for you because I kinda know what are you thinking, ya? I know, I think I know, I think I just know what are you thinking. LOL.

Grassy wrote:
better in studies = no bf/gf yet
not so gd in studies = happily attached

I don't agree with this eh. Nonsense. I'm attached to you la but I know you don't want me because I'm a girl. LOL. J/k.

Hm.... I have alot of thoughts too but I just doesn't know how should I phrase it. Maybe I shall talk about myself first. LOL. What I think about love? Hm... That's tough, hahaha. Start with my friends' love life? LOL.

One damn idiot.
One damn silly.
One not yet tested.

1st one. Why idiot? Because she accepted ALL guys who had wooed her -_-''' SHE EVEN ACCEPTED A FAT GUY WHO SHE DOESN'T LIKE! WTH? She also accepted a playboy -_-'''' I have told her that THEY WON'T LAST and I was right! They only lasted for days. LOL. That was a joke!! Sounds so cheap...lolx. I really pity that Turtle who is so devoted to her. *sigh* Too bad I don't know him very well or I will give my most frank and blunt comments. LOL. Sad case. Close case.

2nd one. Why silly? She stucked on her 1st for so long but I'm glad she has finally get over it after so many years. LOL. 2 years? Sorry, I can't remember. When they are together I already know that they won't last. LOL. Hmm.... I think Im like a fortune teller. Hehe! *sigh* Close case. It's all over and she is happy with me. LOL. I'm pretty sure, all monsters like me =p

3rd one. Currently 18 years old, studying some designing course in Temask Polytechnic. Most important thing is.....SHE IS A VIRGIN! LOL. Nah... I mean she is single and available. LOL. Lelong! Lelong! Grassy for sales!

Me? Me? Me? I'm also single. I'm a sad case because I always reject people. =x enough...Yep. It's not because I'm mean or what. It's because I think they not sincere. Guys, I got no time to play with you. I rather play with my monsters -_-'''' If you are someone who are really sincere then be patient and show me your sincerity!! Show me that you are serious. Damn. People always say that I got high expectations. Hm.... I sounded like I'm looking for someone who can last forever. LOL. Is there really such things? LOL. Okok... I like some... His name is Ryan!!!! Please don't take him away from me!!! LOL. Jealous? Scroll down to see his picture. Super cute!

Anyway, I searched my own name in blogger and I got this. Awwwww... I miss this Cai Cai friend of mine. LOL.

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