Saturday, February 25, 2006

Secret revealed

I got myself a new URL! This is to prevent some unwelcome visitor to read my blog!
I feel so good now because I won't have to stress about who is reading my journal! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

About this boring boy
There is a few things that I got to say. First, I don't like that guy, whose name is Jiajun. No matter how hard he tried, I will never give him a chance. Don't you know that if someone doesn't have feelings for you, no matter what you do, the person won't be touch by your action. I'm not cruel but I am just stating the facts. Oh, just for your info, I can't help it but everytime I saw him, he will remind me of LENG KEONG! Wahahahahhaa! When I accept someone's present, doesn't mean that I will have to like him. Right? Yes, it make sense. If I realy like him, I would have accept him last year. You know, I just can't find any good points about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's FINE that he don't has the looks, I don't care that he is filthy rich or whatever. The worst part of him is that he is so DAMN BORING. He won't be the one starting on a new topic and I can't be bothered to start one either unless I'm interested in him. Hm....So what's the best way to reject him again? First, don't reply his sms and treat him coldly. Lastly, ok this one is very important....STOP him from coming to my school again. Gosh, he is just too boring.

Bye bye little children
Anyway, school is somehow officially over! My practicum didn't went very well. All because of my stupid supervisor! SHE SO FUCKING STRESS ME LIKE HELL! I wasn't at my best at all. I was so damn sad when she commented that I was very quiet. *sigh* OMG! I'm quiet? It's all beause of the supervisor! She stresses me! She stresses me! Well, whatever. The most important thing was hat I passed! I got 75/100. Pretty sucky. T.T
Anyway, last Thursday was my last day at Kannoka schoolhouse. I will miss the children there. Esp. Si Yin, Yong Sheng and....RYAN! Haha! I have took some photos on my last day. Maybe I will post some tomorrow. When I told my class that I will be leaving, Si Yin was so adorable that she came to me and pretended to be crying. She is so dramatic. Hahha.

No leader. No planner. Sucks!
Now there's another problem -_- It's all cause by my groupmates. Sigh. They didn't plan. Sucks! I told Rita that I wanted to do language. Then she didn't reply me. Yesterday, Shayidah sms me and said that Aida asked her to do language. WTF? Now I don't know what to do. Fuck it that I have to sms Rita again. What the hell is that. This is the worse groups assignment I ever had. ARGH!

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