Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm 18 but still the same old girl

Weeeeeeeee. I finally turned 18!! Well, nothing has change. I'm still me! The same old errr... childish and yet sensible one. LOL.

Hmmmm......I wish, I wish.... I wish I could graduate from ECE DIP. soon and be happily ever after. Too simple? Hmm.. Ok I wish for something else.... I wish all monsters to be happy. Er... Not practical? I WISH I WILL HAVE MORE CASH!!! Muahahaha! Ok seriously, I wish my parents could stay with me forever.... Why human being have to die? Okokok... Don't talk about sad stuffs.

Anyway, I celebrated my birthday with my Monsters yesterday and with my family today. So here a some of the pictures.

Cookies and cream ice cream cake! Hm... fter eating, I think I prefer the traditional cake. Haha.

The left one is from the Monsters! Not very sure which particular monsters. I assumed that they share. LOL. The right one is from my sister!! More and more Poooooh!

Another present from the Monsters.... Hahaha. Will I really wear that? By the way, love the words, "A kid @ 18". LOL. Also, not forgetting the file that contain my 18 'criminal records'. LOL.

Present from Jiajun. Er... Too much heart shapes. Very *ahem* It's JUST TOO MUCH! Muahahaha...I prefer stars. Other than that....thanks for your effort and your kuku note inside that bottle -_-

Hm...Also also, thanks to Qian Ru (surprise), Ben 1 & 2 (zzzzzz), Sky and stupid Harvey Norman for the birthday wishes.

Hm.... The rest I will write at the Monsters blog.

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