Monday, November 7, 2005

Not easy being a mother

Don't feel like blogging today because Im not in a blogging mood. Haha. Anyway, I met a Chinese aunty on the MRT. She asked me how to off the silent for her handphone. After that she told me about her son. She was very angry with her son. She bought him her $200++ digital camera for him and he lent it to his friend and now his friend didn't return him.

Well, if Im his mother, I will be very furious too. She told me other stuffs too but I bet I don't have to type down everything right? Haha. I can remembered very clearly that she said:"Being a mother is really hard." She looks so poor thing and she sounded like she is so in a grief. Well, ladies and gentlemen, please appreciate what your mama and papa did for your okay? Hehe.

I was hearing the Live version of If I die tomorrow and before the song starts, Nikki Sixx said:"Live fucking life today man, don't fucking worry about tomorrow." Well, that's so true.

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