Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Ridding on the train...

...is more interesting that going to school. This afternoon when I was on the train, I looked around those people and observe them. Everyone is just so interesting. LOL. There was an old lady sat beside me and she was reading a book. I was like "whao!" because she looks like she was in her late 70s! Anyway, she was reading a bible. Haha.

School sucks. The same goes for most of my friends. Ming Geng just complained to me today that all his friends at poly are fuckers, backstabbers... *sigh* So poor thing.

Good luck to Grace & HT for your English O level exam! Jai You! Buon Fortuna! Gambatte! No tips from me. Haha. Just do your best. My English suck but I managed to pass, you guys can do it too!

I saw Get naked video this afternoon... Hahaha... Speechless.

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