Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Fuck yea

That company is really bloody hell. It's as you they pay their workers $5000+. It's only $1100+ and they want their workers to work until they finished everything!! Sometime their workers have to work till 12am and they don't always get their OT. WTF? Wondering what's that company? It's some famous chocolate brand's company. $%#$%#$%#$%$%@$

Some people is really despo. He said that he is old and needs to look for girlfriend. Well, he is only 16 years old!!! This little boy is really crazy. Then he said he is afraid that he will fail his O level but he kept SMSes me when he was studying. *sigh* Hey boy! Don't end up like me, getting an undesirable grades when I think I can do better?! Maybe.

Yesterday, my Dad cooked ba ku teh. Yummy.


From Erika:
I can't give ya candy over the computer but I have a little something on my Halloween goodie bag for you!! Entire show (2 disks) there for ya. Enjoy and let me know how you like it ♥

Guess what? It's Motley Crue live @ Hartford Civic Center. =) Just too bad there are only songs and not something visible. Damn. Just remembered that I lost the video of them performing at UK & Live 8.


Fight For Your Rights
Motley Crue

Can't break the chains
Can't solve the pain
Can't rhyme problem with reason

Not taking sides
Just asking why
Does the pain eat the children

Who wrote the Bible
Who set the laws
Are we left to history's flaws

And if you're out there
Then let me hear (hey)
And take a look in the mirror

Fight fight for your rights
Fight fight for your rights

Can't name no names
Of who's to blame
For cries out in the sky We're all slaves to time
No color's right
Throw our hate into the fire

Martin Luther
Brought the truth
The color of our blood's the same

So break the chains
And solve the pains
And we all become one race

Fight fight for your rights
Fight fight for your rights

Oh people people
Is the scar too deep
You can't hold a man's soul
By the color of his keys
A tear o' blood runs from my eye
But somehow I can never

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