Monday, October 31, 2005

Grace's 17th Birthday - BBQ Part 2

Before the BBQ start, Chia Xuan asked me if I have any boyfriend and even before I answer her anything, she was so convinced that I already have one. LOL. Then I told her that I am waiting for her.

Oh... Another note abotu HT. Haha... She likes to shout:"RANDY!!" soooo loudly. What if someone has the wrong idea and thought that she is horny? Wahahahhaa!

BBQ with Chia Xuan was really funny. She likes to put alot of butter on the food which is the same as me. LOL. She was really 'auntie' and those things she said was so funny. When she stood beside me, she suddenly called me something that she used to call me when we were in secondary 2. Awww... Sounded so cute and... sweet because I have not hear it for a super long time. LOL. I was kinda stunned when I heard it and asked her if she was really calling me. Haha.

After the 1st round of BBQ, we brought all the food to the function room and leave the rest of the job to Grace's parent. Too bad, for most of the time Grace ain't with us. So I think she miss out alot of funny things that happen in the function room.

Hmm....Our BBQ skill ain't that bad except for the chicken wing. 3 out of 4 sucks! LOL. The chicken was really stubborn, I am trying to separate the chicken wing and the drumstick but they refused to separate! I still need Chia Xuan to pull another side, then we finally separated them. Haha!

I guess Chia Xuan was very hungry so she asked us if we wanted to eat the fried rice. I was hungry too so I just ate the rice without hearing what SPY, HT & Chia Xuan was talking about. When I finished eating the fried rice, I heard Chia Xuan said:" Don't know who cook one." I looked at her and told them it's cooked by Grace. Then Chia Xuan started to "oOoooooooo...." and pointing finger at SPY & HT. I was puzzled and asked her what was it. Well....*ahem* SPY & HT actually complaint the fried rice was not that nice to eat. Oh.... No wonder! Hahaha. They are so mean right? I think the fried rice is not too bad and what's more it's cooked by Grace. Haha. Only Chia Xuan and I finished the fried rice regardless of whatever. Haha! Their Mama never teaches them not to waste food.

Chia Xuan is one silly girl, she acutally believes what Grace's father said about the boar meat and deer meat. LOL. She told us that Grace's Dad hide all the good food and only take it out when we were in the function room. LOL. She is just so damn funny. While eating, we suddenly talked about the nail polish thingy.... all because of SPY. Hehe. I told them that they just have to put their fingers under the running tap and their fingers will look shiny as ever. Haha. Then I continued by saying that what was the need for nail polish? My fingers just look fine being normal. Then Chia Xuan said:"The is the old Mingni that I know." So flattering. LOL! After that we kept going out to take more food and I keep going out to take more drinks for them. Haha.

Gracey ar! The rose syrup was tooooo little!!! Chia Xuan and I was so pathetic. When the rose syrup was finished. We kept drinking the 'coloured water'. LOL.

When the BBQ is over, we went up to Grace's room to take some photos. Blahhhh...

We took taxi home! They actually give me $30 when the taxi fare only cost $xx LOL!

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