Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Left out in cold

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One day, I will ask my mother what happen to her that day. That particular day, I was actually extremely furious with the words she used but I decided to forgive her. That night, I saw her sitting alone at her bed. I felt something amiss about her so I went in and check it out. I was suppose to be angry at her instead I asked her why she was so quiet in a very cheerful mode. She told me that no one care about her. I was shocked by her respond. I felt that she thinks that we are neglecting her. I somehow feel kinda sad for her. Nonetheless, I have to ask her what she was ACTUALLY thinking that night. Maybe she is upset that my sis and I can chat anything under the sun with Dad and not her.

Well, it all goes down to her own character. Sometime the things she said really make all of us mad. Hehe. Maybe she feels that Dad, sis and I and forming an Alliance against her. That's just so crazy. No matter how bad she is, she is still my mother. After all, I prefer to remember those sweet things that she has done for me. People always overlook someone's kindness. People tend to remember those bad things that someone's has done to them. That's just wrong. Over the years, I have finally learn not to bear grudges. *sigh*

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