Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy birthday to White Monster!!

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This morning, I was being playful and I went to search 'Tommy Lee' and I found out he was injured! Poor man. I heard from Erika that he is ok now. *phew*

Gosssh! I find this picture of Tommy soooooo aweeesome!

Today is HT's 17th birthday! So I have to meet my friends at City Hall. (It was supposed to be Raffles Place.)

Before I went to meet my friends, I bought the New paper. Sham!! I saw your face on the paper!! LOL. I finally saw the article on Starhub being exposed about the telecast rights for Serie A! I'm waiting for more reports tomorrow if there is.

When I met my friends we went to Nooch Noodle bar to celebrate her birthday. I hope she likes the self-made pillow and the "necklace" that we gave her. These presents are priceless for sure! We also bought a Hello Kitty cake for her. LOL. So kiddy right? Here are the few photos that we have taken.

I absoultely HATEEE the WAITRESS there...They are a butch of 'dao' people. I was in a hurry and no one want to come and settle our bills. In a fit of fruastration, I stood and and somehow ranted some words that I could not remember. It was then one waiter notice me and asked me if I wanna settle the bills. Damn irritating.

Why are there more and more irritating waiter/waitress these days? Yesterday, we went to Fook Yuen restaurant to eat. That particular waiter there LOOK DOWN ON US! We took quite a long time to decide what we wanted to eat and this impatient waiter kept coming round to ask us if we were ready to take the order. HELLO? Can't we take our time to decide? While we were pondering on what to order, he kept looking at us with some kind of unfriendly look.

After that we ordered several things and we actually wanted the whole roasted chicken but he sugguested that a whole chicken will be TOOOOO MUCCCHH for 4 persons and said that a half roasted chicken will be enough. When the half roasted chicken was being served, we were like WHAT? It was tooooo little for 4 persons! What a mothafucker.

I was so pissed off with this waiter and so I took down his photo!! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge it.
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I hope the manager or the boss read my blog and fire him straight away. What a fucking irritating bastard. PLEASE STOP WEARING A COLOURED SPECS TO LOOK AT PEOPLE. Anyway, your sweet and sour soup sucks! It doesn't even taste like one. Fook Yuen restaurant? More like a Fuck You restaurant!

Anyway, when I was on my way home, I actually sat beside a REAL LIFE PENGUIN!! I'm not refering to the cute penguin in the bird park, I'm refering to the penguin that you saw in the Batman movie!! OMG! That man was stinksssss.... and he really smell like a fish! I have to turn elsewhere and searched for clean and fresh air! I have to endure the stench of stale air until the train reached Lakeside. *faint*

Hmmm... Lastly, I had a bad dream last night, I dreamt that Grace went to celebrate HT's birthday with us although at first she didn't want to. She didn't talk to me and she only stick close to SPY. So I was very erm... angry perhaps and I went to tell HT that Grace is angry with me and I'm got to go now... Blah... Don't quite remember and then I woke up somehow. Haha! How bad it can be if it is true?

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