Monday, October 17, 2005

He is still the same

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This morning, when I woke up I switch on my handphone and surprisingly THIS guy smsed me. Sorry Spy if I'm not suppose to give him your no. =x Anyway, I was free so I decided to entertain him with my 'usual style'. The last part of the conversation is the MOST interesting part.

Tze: Testing testing.. Still using this no. mah? Spy de no. u hab ma?
Me: Sorry, the no. is not in use. =p Spy no. is _________
Tze: Grrl. Liddat oso can.. Bleahx.
Me: Nothing is impossible.
Tze: Hahahax. U think addidas advert arhx.. Lalala. So free can reply de worx?
Me: At home mah. You not on holidays?
Tze: Haven.. Next wk exams le. Hahax.. At hm rot arhx? Hmm... How long I nv c u already arhx? Hahax...
Me: Er...millions years ago.
Tze: Hahax.. I'll ne looking at ur fossil by tt time.. Lalala.. Better dun disturn u le.. If not ur bf will whack me.
Me: Don't you know my fossil know what is sms too? I think you should be the one to be careful. Your gf might shoot you.
Tze: Haha.. Bf more scary den gf de.. Hahx.. Nobody will shoot me de la... Unlike you.. Haha
Me: Do you think imaginary bf is scary? Anyway, is that girl de best u can get?
Tze: Hmmmm.. Mayb lo.. Hahahax.. Y lehx?
Me: Haha. So mean sia. So mani ppl said ur gf is pretty den sum1 asked me go friendster c. Den aiyo, act cute oni mah. Haha.
Tze: Hahax.. Lolx.. So bad arhx u.. Lala.. hao la.. I dun disturb le. Take care ya.

Haha. I think he can't stand my sarcasm? Anyway, just look at what how he responded to my question about his gf. *shake head* I know he is not sincere with that girl. How smart I am. So my dear friend, why you still have to bother about him eh?

Wooo... Today weather is fantastic! I hope I could just sleep a little more longer. Anyway, I have did a new layout! Hopefully, it will be up very very soon.

On the football side, Milan won, Roma lost. What's new? Roma keep losing... I'm already speechless.

Bon Jovi | Have a nice day

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