Tuesday, October 18, 2005

God is good? Men is bad?

The title said it all. LOL. Well, that's acorrding to my leturer. My lecturer, Dr Arul seem to hate guys alot (she is getting married soon) and she believes alot in God. During her lectures, she will says alot of her experiences, she will priase how great God are and etc. Today Dr Arul said something about spirits, everyone seem to be believe what she said but I was like.... "WHAT?" Those are interesting to hear but to me I think they are being superstitious.

Everyone is entitle to their belief, so do I. I'm a free thinker, I never believe such things ever exists until I see it myself. By then, I might have scare the hell out of my wits. LOL.

Oh... Dr Arul also mentioned that "90% of men are NOT faithful." LOL! Mind you, I am not attending any religious classes or whatever. LOL!

It was so frustrating to sit beside her everyday! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!
This is how it goes for today...

After Daphne signed the attendance, she took the file away and put it back. WTF? HELLO... BITCH, I have not sign yet. SHE DON'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO ASK ME. FUCKER!


Dr Arul wanted us to pass round the sample of the assignment so we could see how we should do it. Soon the assignment was passed to Daphne and the moment she finished browsing through it, she passed it to the person behind her. WTF? Am I invisible or what? I have not read it. FUCK IT! IDIOTIC MOTHAFUCKER!

I totally wanted to leave without saying 'bye' to her today but then.... When I think again, I decided to say 'bye' to her before I left. You must be wondering why right? I was there thinking, if I'm going to be so mean, I will be just like her!!! Do you get it? Well, I don't have to do mean things to her because I know I won't gain anything out of it. After all, I know my academics result will be better than her. =p I don't want to boast but it's a fact! I got a higher grades than her in all my subjects last term... so... Why should I fucking care about what she has done to me? Soon.... I wont see her fucking face again.

There's a Chinese saying goes like these "One kind of rice, breed different kinds of human." I just have to tolerate her for awhile more and she will be gone. With her this kind of attitudes, I bet she won't go too far in life. She has been trying to be those nice and good people towards everyone. One day, your fox's tail will show up. Too bad, the others just didn't realize this yet. Maybe because they are not sitting beside her? LOL.

Currently, endurance is gold.

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