Saturday, October 15, 2005

+65 98435277

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+65 98435277
+65 98435277
+65 98435277
+65 98435277
+65 98435277

Please call that number and disturb whoever that person might be!

Yesterday, around 8pm that person sent me an sms and asked me if I could be his friend. I didn't notice that sms until 2am plus because I was playing A3. I just replied that person, "What the hell?" I didn't get any respond after that. LOL! People are getting bored these days?

My sis and I went to Siam Kitchen to have our dinner. We nearly eat till our tummy burst. Don't worry, I'm still fine. LOL! I forgot to bring my handphone so I didn't manage to take any photos of the food that I ate.

Guess who is trying to drive a car?

It's mee!! Haha! This photo was taken a last week if I didn't remember it wrongly. Ohh.. I love my Converse shoe! I bought it with my hard earn money! Haha!

When I was young I have actually thought of what I wanna do when I grow up.

When I was Kindergarten, I wanna be a Kindergarten teacher because it seem to be fun to teach those young kids.

When I was in primary 3-4 , I also wish to be a photographer because I lurrve taking photos. I also thought of becoming a cartoonist because I enjoy drawing cartoons. Almost everyone in my class know that because they always saw me drawing in class.

When I was in primary 5-6, I wish to be a Athletics! I actually discovered that I can actually run very fast when I was in primary 3!! I have won several trophies by using my legs. Hehe!

When I was in secondary 1-4, I wanna be a be web designer.................

Well, right now, I don't wish to be anything but someone who can slack all day at home. Haha!

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