Saturday, October 29, 2005

Grace 17th birthday - BBQ Part 1

Yesterday was really fun. It gonna be a long entry. So just allow me to recap...

28th October

I woke up at 6:45am to complete my 'incomplete task' - burning the video I did for Grace and cutting those strips of paper. I remember one particular day, she wanted to buy CD. She took the James Blunt's CD from the shelves, looked at the price and then put it back. I just have the feeling that maybe she wanted to buy it so I decided to burn the James Blunt's latest album for her. Hehe.

At around 4:45pm, I met SPY & HT at City hall. Before that, HT and I actually went to TCC to have a drink (we are not drinking coffee). Hehe! I don't have to pay a single cent because I told HT that I only left $3!! Haha. HT watched the video I did for Grace there. She said it was sooo sweeet. She even asked me if Grace will cry after watching. Haha. I doubt so. I think Grace will most likely to be laughing?! I'm not sure. I will need Grace to tell me. When we recieved the sms from SPY that she was reaching City Hall in about 5 minutes, HT and I suddenly just rushed out of the cafe like 2 mad women. Haha!

When we reached Aljunied MRT station, I placed the BIG Garfield on the seat and took a photo.
The Garfield was REALLY HUGEEE! It's really hard on SPY. She actually spent so much money on this Garfield. Randy and Ening asked SPY to buy Grace's present for them. SPY wanted to buy Garfield for them BUT I told SPY to buy it for herself and NOT for them! I also told her to save the best for yourself! Both of them don't even give a fucking care about what SPY is going to help them to buy. They didn't even bother, they just want to buy for the sake of buying a present for Grace. Somehow Randy and Ening was give the credit for buying the Mr Bean's soft toy. Well, if not for me... Will they even have a present to give? Hell no.

When we reached Grace's house, she was standing at the balcony, looking down at us. I then flashed the big banner that I did for her. Whoever was standing at the balcony should saw it. Haha. Oh.... Shouldn't Grace be touch? I mean...Has anyone did something like that for her? Everyone was buying soft toys for her except for me. I did something that no one has did before. LOL. I am not saying buying a soft toys for her is bad. I just mean that I am just doing something different. Hahahaha... Crapping.

I actually doesn't have any damn feeling about Ening because who she is? Do I know her? I doubt so. She is just acquaintance to me but she is just so fucking irritating to me. When Grace was away, a group of us - HT, SPY, Ening, Randy and I, was discussing on who supposed to buy the cake afterwards. Every word that come out from Ening's mouth was just so damn fucking irritating. Everything she said, she sounded like an asshole. She acted like NOTHING but a BITCH. One part one her conversation was like this...

Ening: So who is going out to buy the cake later?
SPY: Us lor
Ening: Here is Geyland le! Later so late already. (I was so pissed off with the things she said. She really sounded like... "C'mon! Here is Geyland, you guys don't pretend like a butch of Heroines....blah...")
Randy: Yar... Here is Geyland...blah....

I was so fucking pissed off and I answered:"Then let Randy go lar! He is a guy." After that I walked away. What a mothafucker. If you think you're so BIG, why don't you go? All you know is feeling hungry and eat. No wonder if you are so BIG. After that Randy & SPY went to buy the cake. When they were back, Ening only knew how to ask for food. Whatever bitch!

When the drizzling stopped, everyone helped to carry something to the BBQ pit. I was made to carry a bag of charcoal! It was damn heavy, I thought this should be something that is carry by a guy. Well, it's ok because I am strong =p Ening was so was impatient, she and You Yun were inside the lift and because the others were still the the house, Ening started to complaint. I was like...WTF is wrong with you? If you're not happy and take your fucking hand off the 'door open' button and let the door close. No one ask you to wait for us.

Setting up of the BBQ pit was really boring. I was not involved because I didn't know how to do it and well, there were "maids" to do it. LOL. I knew that SPY was very unhappy with Ening but well what to do when you are with a bitch. The starting up of the BBQ pit was rather unsuccessful because... well... maybe because of the rainy day...

Well, well... Never mind about the BBQ. Grace, Randy, HT, SPY and me went back to Aljunied to fetch Chia Xuan and we left Ening alone at the BBQ pit there. LOL! When I saw Chia Xuan, I was like....."Hahaha... She is still the same." What I like about Chia Xuan is that SHE IS STILL THE SAME. The same old Chia Xuan that has been very close with me when we were is secondary 2. Nothing... and absolutely NOTHING has change her.

When we were back at the BBQ, You Yun and Shiyi wanted to go home. Again, I was like can't you two just sing the birthday song and eat the cake before you go. Is there something that is very urgent that you have to go or simply you guys are just too bored. It's like they don't even give the host's face. Blah... Never mind. They are not my friend. Anyway, You Yun is not the same as before. Last time when I see her she will waves her hand and smiles at me. Now? I can't even remember she did anything when she sees me. We are just like strangers.

I am the only who brought camera there! Well, if only I have a choice, I rather be a photographer than a Early Childhood Educator. I like take pictures of anything since I was Primary. I remembered that I "invested" $100 on a camera because I told my Dad I wanted to own a camera. I didn't want to borrow from him anymore. Hehe! Anyway, talking about this...It just make me furious again because of Ening. Chia Xuan was actually very shocked that I was taking Early Childhood Education for my course because I look more like someone who will abuse a child. LOL. I am only nasty to those asshole. So I told her that "do not judge a book by it's cover." After that Chia Xuan went to ask Ening about her reaction about me taking up this course. Ening then give me a very sarcastic look and said that she had the same feeling as Chia Xuan. Oh...Mothafucker, can you just go home? I bet I will have a better future than you.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...." Everyone was like so shy to sing except for HT. LOL!

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