Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gown rental @ BQueens for pre-wedding photo shoot!

Its always a girl thing to try on different gowns but for me I just want to try on what I like! Hehe! 

After sourcing for quotation from a few bridal shop, I decided to go with, BQueens. They are really good in their customer service. Super friendly and nice! Even though they are slightly more expensive than the other bridal shop but because of their good service and beautiful gowns. I really can't say no. 

Photos are taken using my bf's phone. I quite regret as his hp has bad resolution! The gown really looks good in actual! Lol!

This is the first gown I picked and its a love at first sight! Other white gowns simply cannot compare with this. It has nice sparkling effect on the top and elegant "cloud feel" layered for the bottom. I "chop" this immediately! 

I cant decide to pick this pink or the next white short gown that Hebe, the coordinator recommended.

Im not so fat la! The waist is very lose as its has yet to be altered. 

I only wanted to rent 2 gowns but couldnt decide to rent the pink one or the white short gown. But guess what? Hebe decided to throw in as a package for us! So nice of her! Hehe! It save our headache and $$$$ 

Heres other gowns that I didnt choose. 

Red makes me look too serious or old which doesnt suit my style. Haha!

Bf said this is too short and I agree... Hais! Too bad I dont have a slim leg. I dont know if I can ever slim down again. Lol! 

Nice white gown but it cant be compare with the first white gown that I tried. 

Its a happy trip to the bridal shop! Now we look forward to our photo shoot day! ^_^

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