Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Blissful solemnisation at Bliss House

This place is definitely 1 of my favourite but being my favourite always comes with a price. Lol!

For minimum spending for the Garden area is $3k, which means... most likely its OUT. Four the House area, minimum spending is $2k so its still healthy =D

Photos for the 'House'.

The door to enter. The chairs outside belongs to the Garden area.

Their food menu & must be minimum 30pax
$55++ x 30 = $1650
$65++ x 30 = $1950
$75++ x 30 = $2250

Drinks for 4 hours 
$15++ x 30 = $450

Lets say, I just take the cheapest menu $1650 + $450 = $2100++

Quite a good package price as well. We are going down this coming Fri. Lets hope theres no other hidden cost when we meet up with the coordinator.

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