Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's recap my 2009 & look forward to 2010!

Things I do, get or go for the first time in 2009

1) Got a bikini as a present o_O All thanks to SPY -__-
2) Went Night Safari
3) Eat steamboat at a friend's house. Thanks to SPY again. Lol.
4) Went West Coast Park at night.
5) Learning how to drive!
6) Got my diploma in Business in Administration!
7) Ate Botak Jones. Lol!
8) Attempt to cook fried been hoon, fried rice and fried kuay tiao.
9) KL trip with a friend - Grassy =)
10) Etc... Simply too many to mention. Lol.

What I want to accomplish in 2010!

1) Get my driving license! I MUST GET IT! I don't want to waste so much money!!
2) Pass my first year exam
3) Go overseas - Genting, KL, Taiwan or HK. Probably going on cruise with family =D
4) I will continue to think as time pass by. Haha

Happy new year to everyone!!


Elaine New said...

eh. which night safari u plannin 2 go? i went taipin zoo night safari the other day. however, i think the morning zoo wil have more things bcuz most of da animals are sleepin o its too dark 2 see them. =(

sirei said...

happy new year!
all the best to you :)

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