Friday, October 2, 2009

Why need to use 美色 to get things done?

I felt really sian that I wanna get something done but I can't get it done. It's not because I can't do it but because I have to coordinate with other department.

Yesterday, I sent an email to S, asking her to help set up a 2 cheque float for my UAT testing. Sadly, she said she will be away for 2 days (Friday & Monday). Duh! So bo bian I have to forward the email to R. *tick tock tick tock*

Today, still no news from R. Argh! Without any choice left, I have to forward the email to V at around 2:30pm. I don't wish to coordinate with him! He is very tiko peh! Everything I ask him for help to do a certain task, he will end up trying to chat with me via email. $#%$#^#%^

At around 4pm plus, still no news, I intend to just wait but Ah Wang called me and asked if I have already asked the RBK team to do the cheque float. I told him I already did but no one respond to my email. Then... He asked me to just call V. He then added, "哎呀!Vincent 喜欢你吗!你打给他啦,他一定帮你。。。" Then he go on saying that I just need to "撒绞" abit he sure will help me and he ended the conversation by saying that I don't know how to use 美色to get people to do things for me. -____- In my heart I was like, WTH!!!

Yaa daa yaa daa... I don't wish to go into details


k3ow said...

No Choice la... Some ppl are just so lonely ma... So no choice... Have to tolerate HIM!

Kristin said...

HAHAHA LONELY.... Sounds like so wrong -__-

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