Saturday, October 3, 2009


Happy mooncake festival =D No fancy lantern or whatever only delicious mooncakes!

Durian mooncake!! 1 box can cost you SGD30!

Frosty looking durian mooncake.

It's really yummy but not worth it to spent so much to just buy a durain mooncake. I'd rather use $1 to go Geylang and buy durian. Haha.

The traditional brand from Chinatown.

The 4 different flavours of mooncakes.

The nutty flavour mooncake.

This 1 is er... I'm not sure what but it's kinda disgusting =P

The normal double yolk.

Well, I still prefer plain mooncake the best =)

To all: 中秋节快乐!


kenwooi said...

wow now got durian mooncake too??
didnt try before!

darkprincerox said...

happy lantern festival to you

Hot On said...

i also prefer traditional moon cake.. nth beats lotus paste..

Hpility said...

Hey! Happy Mid-Autumn to you too! ^^ haha...yup, there an event organized by =)

Jimmy T said...

Does the Durian mooncake taste nice?

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