Saturday, April 4, 2009

My april's days

Alright, it's some to write something instead of just posting pictures. Oh lazy me! I'm kinda of lost, don't know where to start but well, I shall peeped @ Jiao Jiao's blog and then began my writing. Haha.

Let's start with 1st April, APRIL FOOL!!!! I prank Jiao Jiao by smsing her to open the office's door for me when I have not even reach the office yet! I was only at the Alexander bus stop. Haha. So mean of me to do that! She's such a nice person and yet I prank her. Anyway, as we grow older, April fool seems like not so fool and fun anymore. I remember last time, how those little boys prank those girls on this day. Boys are so childish. Haha. During lunch time, we were chatting this and that and I don't remember what we all chat about but I remember JW said, among the 3 girls I'm the most non-fool-able. Lol. Yea I just invented my own word! Lol. In simple, it mean when those guys are trying to kid us or fool us, I'm the sensible one that won't get fool by them as compare to JJ or LT.

In the afternoon, I was told to tag along with Jiao Jiao to do the ATM testing as Ryan from the RBK was on leave. I have great time there as I get to slack and sleep secretly at level 3's. I was basically just staring at what JJ was doing, looking at her excel spreedsheet, waiting for her to ask me to test the machine, taking a short nap, closing my eyes and listen to her chanting. Lol. Ok la, it ain't bad but I just wish you say...

HEY JJ! Don't be such a ah ma ok? Don't keep saying yourself with all those negative remarks. If you really think you are so, then take a look at LT. LOL. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!! You might not be fast in doing things but you know you can do it. Do you know why you make mistakes? It's because you are too kan cheong and this lead to you being unable to think properly or listen to instruction carefully. Just tell yourself to relax and listen, DON'T PANIC!!!! With your currently behaviour if you go out to work elsewhere and provided that the staff are very mean, you sure die jia jia lat. Another importatnt note is, don't talk too loud! I know I also talk very loud BUT.. when comes to things like "die la, how are? how to do? I do wrong le. Shit man" and etc.. All these best is to cut down because YC very kaypo, don't let him hear it or else he will think you make alot mistakes. Hehe. Here are just some of my 金言良语。I'm not perfect too and I think my biggest weak point is always not enough sleep!! LOL.

Let's move on to 2nd April... That 千金小姐,really bth her at times so I shall not comment much. Hmmm.. Looking at YC's videos and hearing his love stories, really makes me wanna fufil me dreams but it won't be so soon. Time is not a problem, money is the big problem. After my exam, I will to dig as many OT as possible =O Haha. YC's video was done by Stefine. Hehe. I shall look for them when the time comes.

Night time, I went to get a prepaid card lor. *sigh* Phone bills is killing me these days and I'm getting so broke. Lucky, I still got him with me. =)

Last night, tra lalalala... ok lemme recall. Dear came over to my workplace bus stop and waited for me. Hehe. After that we went IMM to eat and walk around. Wah, so long never been to that place. Really miss going Daiso with grassy. Hehe.

That's all for today! Woo what a wordy post! Lol.

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