Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wok your heart out day!

Wok? Work? Nah! I didn't spell anything wrongly because 5th March was the day I took out the wok and cook! Haha. I want to thanks JJ for mopping the floor with me! Most shock of all was, she even went to the extend to sweep my floor la! Aiyoyo, I think I really need to hire her as my maid. Lol. She is really particular about the cleanliness which I am lacking of. Oops! When washing and cleaning up, she really blah blah blah alot. HAHA. From then onward, I shall be more thorough with my cleaning.

I have a great time with her as I not only learn many stuff from her but also our precious cooking experience together. Hehe. Hopefully, we will have more opportunities like this more often =D

Anyway, on Friday, I cooked exactly the same thing for my dear for lunch. We wanna go Wild Wild Wet after that BUT... BUT.... my auntie came for visiting so we just forget about it. We ended up watching some bo liao movies at night.

LOOK HERE! Don't ever watch the Watchmen. It suck! Storyline is boring and rather messy, the only interesting thing about the movie was only those kissing and sex part. LOL.

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