Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lesson learnt about myself

Hehe. I lend my thumbdrive to Rukawa yesterday, luckily I remembered to take it back! Phew!

26th November (afternoon)
My boss is back! I wanted to go forward and ask if she has recover but I hesitated. Then when I was in the ladies, I saw her! Lol. Looks like this time I have no way to escape. I spoke to her and asked on how was her condition. Surprisingly, she said she was not in pain, she only have to live on with a metal piece in her arms and currently has to use a clutches to walk. Hmmm… Indeed, a very strong woman.

26th November (night)
Supposedly, Da Xing Xing & I weren’t chatting much about any of the issues. Maybe its because of something that triggered him to comment about me. I remember I was saying something then he was like, “I know I know, I know you inside out.” I was like WTH, what you really know. -.- But to a certain extend, its true but I prefer to think it’s because he 见的世面比较多。

1) Anger management
Nothing much about this because I know myself very well. All I can say is, I already control it very well as compared to last time. Of cos I know there is still room for improvement!

2) 语游轮次
Maybe no one ever come forward and said this about me. I never realize it’s something wrong and it is a problem. I never realize! Perhaps I speak too fast and cause this to happen. He is right, sometimes I speak so fast that whatever I think of I just said it without sparing much thoughts and when this happen sometimes I don’t know what the hell that I’m talking and that is why I keep repeating. This was like totally spot on. (This happen whenever I'm super eager to express out the situation.)

Why I can’t say think thoroughly before I speak? Why have to go on and on and repeating it again and make people lose his or her patient.

3) Always interrupt when people is talking.
Yea right I always don’t give people chance to talk or explain. I just keep talking. I always like to be the dominating person.

When people saying something and I felt is wrong, I wanna interrupt, why I can’t let the person finish it? Hmmm. Haix. If only I always calm down and listen and talk nicely. Maybe I am too 自大. Ego? Perhaps. I always do that.. but I never even spare a thought what people will think.

Also, If I wanna ask someone a question, shouldn’t I just go straight to the point and ask? Why wanna go 1 big round?

Well, time to grow up la, Kris!

Never ever someone come and correct me and say it’s a mistakes and it’s a very bad habit. No one has ever explained in details and saying how wrong I am and even trying to correct me. It even come to a point by saying that when I do something and find something amiss I never even bother to think that it’s a mistakes and go and reflect about.

I am not piss off or what but I felt I deserve to have this wake up call or else I will always think that I AM RIGHT.

27th November (afternoon)
Omg so happy 2 hear that from Rukawa ~~~!!!! Im glad I am able to ask him in a rightful manner and keeping what Da Xing Xing said in my mind. NEVER INTERRUPT! I find that I can control my interruption better this time. Lol.

27th November (nite)
I met up with Xiao Bai, Ying Mu & Jiao Jiao!! We went subway for our dinner. As usual, Ying Mu was shivering hard after his meal due to the super cold air con. It's really happy night, I guess. I took lotsa pictures and die also must admit that day Rukawa looked yandao with his tie on lah. Someone must be be super duper happy! Lol.

Pictures might be up on some other days =)

28th November (afternoon)
OMGWTF! Wohooo.. Jackass last day! It's time to bring out the popper, champagne to celebrate!!!!!

More complicated stuff on 29th & 30th... Blog after my exam! Wish me good luck!!

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