Tuesday, December 2, 2008

27th - CrazeE Thurs Nite

Wanna take them with the nice scenery but HT the camera CMI!! LOL. Why I didn't bring my camera!!

Flash light too strong... All turned pale. Hehe.

Wao.. Im super white! All thanks to the flash light!

Benben acting like a mannequin.

Haha. Taking this photos was the toughest job EVER!

Benben's eyes got problem? xD

Alvin's trademark. We really bth wanna laugh till peng when taking this photos and I got a funny look that night. Don't ask mi why.

So not me! Lol.

Mixture of formal & informal.

So weird la! If only it's Friday, I won't be so formal.

Look at my creation!
Wahahahhaa! Due to WoW maintenance... It got me really bored!

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