Thursday, November 20, 2008

I don't need more than 1 lover

Normally every morning, when I reached Tanjong Pagar MRT, I will walked all the way to the extreme left to take the escalator up because I am too lazy to climb up the stairs. However today, I was even lazier to walk to the escalator so I just decided to climb the stairs. Then so happen to see Willy walking out of the opposite train, we were directly opposite each other. I was rather stunned.

I told him that jackass was waiting at Cheers. Although he is short (OOps!), he still able to spot where Jackass is! Oh man, my perfect eyesight sucks this time. At least now I know where Jackass is hiding so I won’t get anymore nasty surprise from him. Haha.

Last week, Jackass bought Milo for me, I was so 'aiyo' I really don’t want people to do that but since it’s him then so be it lor. He is rich anyway.  Mastermind told me pretend & lie to him that Willy bought bee hoon for me and said it’s nicer and some lame shit. I guess Jackass is really serious about it. Then he was very pissed off after what I said. Haha. I felt that Jackass always likes to compare himself with Willy and wanna do better than him or win him in every area. Hmm… There’s nothing to fight or compare about… Jack is just a Jackass.

Today he bought Nasi Lemak!!!! Well, I did feel bad about it but mastermind just said that it's ok, after all next Monday is already my last day, I should just eat more free food until my last day -_-. So now who is the bigger asshole?

Actually I already stop the game since last Friday; something is not within my control – other's action and mouth. So anything else is not my fault, he do it out of his own will. I DIDN'T SHOW ANY INTEREST IN HIM! Oh man, I don’t want a new boyfriend now!!! What's more Jackass? I rather die! LOL.

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