Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Embrace your dreams

To a certain point of my life, I realized that I tend not to post entry about the negative stuffs. I believe that I have not been blogging is due to this reason - too many bad things to talk about, too little nice things to share. Oh, how sad life can be? No, that’s not true. I’m gonna tell myself that life after August is going to be a great one.

Anyway, I finally finished playing FFVII: Crisis Core. The ending is terribly sad and really makes you teary. I hate whoever wrote this ending. Why do the good ones have to die? The part whereby Tseng ordered his 2 sidekick to find Zack because he got letters to pass him, really makes me wanna cry. Lol. Apart from that, the graphic, animation, music and everything else was fantastic. I will give it a 9/10. 1 mark deducted for allowing Zack to die.

There's a quote being said by Angeal and was later repeated by Zack in later part of the game, "If you want to be a hero you need to have dreams....." It is just like, if you wanna do be someone, or do something, you gotta have dreams. If you don't even dream about it, how does it gonna be happening? Oh well, of cos you can't just plain dreaming about it.

Back to school news, I gotta back my Marketing assignment's marks - 88/100. Haha. Tons of credits definitely has to go to me even though I make a small mistakes! I'm the one doing the editing, merging and etc. Darn Jeff for commenting things that I don't like to hear even though it's a joke! Thanks to the unusual Kelly for helping me to speak up and scolded him.

That is so classic, she said, "You go and be Captain la!" Jeff went silence immediately. Lol. Well, she isn't that bad after all right? Yea, I gotta tell myself, 'Yes'. Oh man, really really... I should be more evil! I couldn't bring myself to be like a bitch and slam someone like what Kelly did. Perhaps, my feelings are beyond words. Okay, time for Captain Kris to sleep.

Ciao ~

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