Friday, February 1, 2008

9 more days to go...

Chinese New Year is approaching and so does my birthday!!! Just 9 more days to go and I will bid goodbye to 19 and er... welcome the '2' digit that is going to appear in my age. I wonder if that is a good news. No more telling people that I'm still under 20. Haha.

Hmmm what should I wish for my birthday present? I really have no idea. Perhaps I already got everything. I just hope for any present that sincerely comes from the heart. Don't say don't need to give me anything. I still want present!!!!

Side track, just thinks that after the death of Health Ledger it makes me really feel the fragility of a human being. Sometimes we do have the control of our own life but not all time. It makes me starts to think that I should start to treasure the people around me because you will never know when they will leave u. Shouldn’t this be always in my mind even before this incident? Duh!!

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