Monday, January 21, 2008

What a lousy start...

This morning was kinda bad. The moment I step into the MRT station, I saw there was a notice on there won't be any train services from Pasir Ris to Tanan Merah. I thought it was no big deal as it was in the east side and not west side. To my horror, after I tap my EZ-link the crowd that were in station was crazy. It was like a Xmas crowd in Orchard or like some crazy sales. Every station was packed like sardines not just in the train but the station as well.

I not only missed the free bus to work but also sprained my ankle while walking down the stairs from the overhead bridge. It was already the last step and I....just MISS IT! W$##%

Also, why no news report in CNA? No any kind of explanations at all?

Well... Perhaps it's just Monday blues...

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