Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hohoho! Im mature?

How funny that this is one of the word to describe me now huh? Maybe it is true. I was having a senseless conversation with one of my colleague then he said this, "Your thinking is very mature compare to other girls at your age."

Haha. Perhaps, he is indeed not lying. As compare to people like S....Oh no, what name I am going to type in my previous line. Lol. My thoughts might be mature in that sense but matter of fact, my action and behavior are still rather childish.

Anyway, I felt that my entry are getting shorter these days. It's either things happen to fast for me to remember, I'm too l-a-z-y or afraid of something. Haha. What am I trying to say again? I guess Im getting crankier each day. If I continue to rot in this manner, by the end of 2008 most of my brain cells will be dead.

Now we are in the process of getting ready for the project to start on the 22nd January so well erm... Ahem... I think I can only settle down in around May or June o____O

On the other hand this word, "dopey" suddenly came to my mind after lunch. I don't know why. Then I went to google and do a search and saw this...

Some Strengths in Dopey:
Dopey people are very flexible, have a simple sense of humor which they use in tense situations.
Dopey is good on the physical plane, he like to be active and exercise, work well with his hands and is able to master tools with ease.
Dopey is resourceful and take care of the group by neutralizing tension.
Dopey is good attention payer.
Dopey is very aware of his senses, the way things look, taste, feel, and smell.
Dopey dwarf people are kind, gentle, and sensitive in their dealings with people.
Dopey tends to be animal lover and appreciate the beauty of nature.
Dopey is original and independent in their view of the world.
While they come across as being carefree and lighthearted, they actually take life very seriously, although they are uncomfortable with theorizing.
Good at looking for practical applications.
Dopeys have no desire to lead or control others, but feel compelled to interact when people they care about may be hurt.
Dopey tends to show his concerns through actions rather than words.
Dopey-dwarf type tends to be artistic.

Kinda suits me eh?

Well well.. Boring.. im falling asleep....

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