Tuesday, June 5, 2007

THANKS for much for the opportunity

I felt so damn fuck up. I need to calm down before putting my words into sentences and paragraphs. Now I don't know how should I say it....

This morning Jovin called me but I didn't pick up her call. Then she smsed me and said she putting me to go for the Seed Power Conference in JB. So I innocently thought I can just replied her later.

When she called me again at around afternoon, I told her that I don't wish to go. She kept persuading me and mentioned that it is a very good opportunity and blah blah. Plus, she said that even Jean wish to go but she don't get the chance. Please la! We all know that she doesn't like Jean, it's 100% sure that she won't bring Jean along.

After that I asked her if I could give her an answer by tomorrow. She repiled, NO. I was like... WTF?! This Sat is the Seed Power conference, she didn't even ask me earlier and only ask me now wtf she think she can just ask me today and confirm by today?

Then I told her that I have sometime on. Then she asked me why do I want to miss out this big opportunity just because I want to enjoy going out this Sat. I was like thinking to myself about this.

Then forget it because no matter what she said I still said no. Then around 6pm, I went to check my company email...To my horror, they already put my name in their list even before I say, "yes" or "no".

Worse is.. it's 7th - 10th la! Jovin said it's only 1 day! Big fat idiot liar. I hate people who do things without asking people. If it's in Singapore, I'm really fine with it but it's in JB le! She think I don't have to ask my parent? HELLO?! I'm only 19! Idiot!

Forget it! I'm not going... She can go alone.

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