Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happenings in 15th - 17th

15th - June
Free meal from Mr nice guy

It's my so-called last dinner with Jordan & ZG so ZG decided to treat me to eat Ajisen. Also, due to the previous day issue that I have troubled Jordan and other days free deserts and drinks, I decided to treat Jordan.

Gay scene on the way for lunchJordan: (asking me) Why you want to treat me?
ZG: Actually, it's me who want to treat you. Im shy to say that I'm treating you. So I say Im treating her and then she treats you.
Jordan: *touch*

When we will going up the escalator, Jordan tired to pretend to hold ZG's hand which scared the hell out of ZG. Haha.

We were served by a young lady, who was in her early 20s. Jordan was so sure that she is a Japanese which of cos sounded like a joke to both ZG & me. After awhile, there goes his bullshit theory again... He told us that the lady's hair on her hand is very long. Then he said that those with hairy hand is usually very horny. Once again, both ZG & me felt very cold inside us. That sounds like a total rubbish to us -__- He then added that Jovin's hand is also very hairy. MUAHAHHAHA! Then I told that her big-sized bf must be very satisfying. Lol!

After the meal, everything was paid by ZG! Haha. We didn't bully him and I swear that I didn't! Haha. He did it out of his own will.

17th - June
Happy Father's day

I treat my Papa pizza hut for dinner so he get to rest for a day and get to eat some "hao liao". =) However, the sad things is when my parent ask, "does your sis even know that it's Father's day?" Well, it beats me. I have no idea too.

I ordered 2 set of Basil Crayfish and a thin Hawaiian pizza (no photo). The crayfish was juicy and definitely better than the one I ate at Jack's Place the previous day. The sweet sauce was also very appetizing.

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