Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Writing them down...

I think I should I carry a palm top around because wherever I go, whatever I see, I will always have random thoughts in my mind. I need to write all these things down before all these things keep clogging in the brain. It's getting congested inside.

Random thoughts of the day

- When a woman want to break up with her man and when she said: "It's not your fault, you're really good and nice...." When this happen, it usually means that the guy, other than NICE, he is just nice. He is not romantic and very boring that he can only be nice.

- The reason why woman kept asking, "am i fat?", "is this dress nice" and etc is not because they are lacking of confidence. It's because men tend not to praise their lady enough and lead to their lack of self confident.

- If you can't hate the person, it means that you either still like the person, you can't let go or you simply just can't bear to hate the person you once love.

- Teenagers these days, just makes us scare of having children in the future. Where are all the guai children?

- I have thought of quitting but the though of getting promoted and a raise in salary makes me ponder again.

Anyway, just thought this is cute...

Die la! I'm getting addicted at surfing those auction site.

Grassy! Wanna sell any of your handmade stuffs ma? Lol.

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