Friday, May 4, 2007

WARNING: Adult content!!

I felt strange when one of my friend told me that he could not t access to my blog yesterday. Firstly, I was puzzled about how come he knew about my website. He then told me that when I forward a email to him, he happened to saw my link at the bottom of my email. I was like..duh! I forget to change my signature for my email. I'm suppose to remove it! Stupid me.

I then asked him why he could not view it. He then replied that his internet provider said that the web address contain adult contents. I felt very...-_-''' I guess the only adult content I have in my blog is Grassy's photos. HAHA!

On other hand, Zhi Gang finally got a 1 week job at my place. LOL. I was also very -_-''' due to the fact that it is only 1 freaking week!! I don't know what the hell is the management thinking. They said they are lacking of human resource in the warehouse and that is why I get Zhi Gang to go there for an interview. Well, I really don't know what else to add on.

Lastly, apart from my sad and complicated brain.... I finally got some good news. Hehe. If I can continue to perform well and show more leadership qualities. I may be promoted by end of the year. Haha. Meanwhile, I shall not give too much details as it's still too early to say =)

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